Wednesday Club May Programme

Wednesday Club always strives to bring new experiences to our members. When Liz Donavan brought a full set of bell plates and, after a short introduction, held a “Masterclass”, there were many volunteers eager to try their hands at them. It wasn’t a master performance, but the concerted enthusiasm fully made up for it. Watch the video below to judge for yourself!

And, all being well, we may get another opportunity just before Christmas.

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Central Story Easter Hunt

The weather meant that things didn’t quite go to plan and with the park a washout, Central Story relocated to the HBC buildings, the rain certainly wasn’t going to stop the fun and intrigue of the Easter Hunt!

With the building bursting with activities and people, families were encouraged to Hunt for a puzzle which pieced together the Easter story. They were rewarded with a science experiment and Central Story explanation. (plus of course the obligatory chocolate egg!)

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Bonfire Night

As the winter was approaching and the nights drew in on 2017, the Price family invited the HBC youth band to light up their lovely country home with a BBQ, bonfire and some acoustic worship.

We played a few of our favourite songs in the cold Autumn air, which was really chilly but a great adventure, and then spent the rest of the evening chatting and laughing around the bonfire.

One of our friends from the youth group said:

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with other young people who love and want to know Jesus. The bonfire gave a social aspect to the evening and the outdoor worship was fun and intimate. It was great to experience something different.”

“From Hair to There”

For about 6 months now I have been considering the idea of shaving my hair for charity, I have always been interested in fundraising, and charity work is one of my career aspirations.

Recently one of my best friends was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer (Hodgkin Lymphoma), and ever since she has been my inspiration to help beat cancer sooner through the Race for Life and other charity events.

I have studied cancer as part of my Health and Social Care A Level and I am very interested in the impact of cancer on friends and families of sufferers. I know that cancer can affect almost everybody; whether it’s affecting a relative or close friend, it is ruining lives of people we know and love.

As you can see, I am very passionate about raising as much money as possible, and trying to impact on people’s lives by fundraising and raising awareness. I would really like to bless people around me by doing something challenging to me.

That is why on the 17th July my hair was shaved off to raise money and awareness for sufferers of cancer! All the money has gone to Cancer Research and my hair is being donated to the Little Princess Trust. I have raised more than £1,000 so far which is already changing lives, and I would love to raise even more.

– Salome

The Little Princess Trust:

Make a donation to Cancer Research UK at Salome’s Just Giving fundraising page here

Royal Recognition for “Night Shift” Founders

TWO Hereford residents were honoured by the Queen on Tuesday, 10th May 2016 by receiving an invitation to a Buckingham Palace garden party, for their services to local revellers and partygoers.

Brian and Mair Granthier, of Hill Farm, Dinedor, were prompted 13 years ago to create a safe and peaceful haven for late-night clubbers in Commercial Road.

Members of Hereford Baptist Church, they were given permission to open the front of the church on Saturday nights and early Sunday mornings as a place for clubbers to have a rest, tell their story to people who would listen without judging, or just have a coffee and use the toilet. They have been leading a team who have been doing this ever since.

Brian Granthier explained what prompted them to start Night Shift. He said: “In a word, it was rubbish! It was the fact that the forecourt on Sunday morning was in a terrible state. People who came into town at night said that we were the black spot on the road, so we decided we needed the light of Jesus to shine out on Saturday night.

“We started on the second Saturday of November 2002. We sat in the foyer with a meal of lasagne and played board games. We didn’t dare go out because a police friend had told us to keep ourselves locked in because, he said, ‘It’s a dangerous mob out there’.

“However over the years we have found a friendly bunch and have made friends with club staff and bouncers. The bouncers come into Night Shift and are amazed to see people they have thrown out for being drunk and disorderly drinking tea and chatting to us.

“Someone, seeing us in our hi-vis tabards, said: ‘Gosh this must be a rough city, even the church has got bouncers!’”

The team frequently hear people say they are grateful that there are people around who can help when it’s needed.

Mair Granthier said: “Being invited to the Palace garden party is such an honour for Night Shift and for all the people who have given up their Saturday nights over the years – 20 to 30 people in total volunteering over the years, sometimes from other churches as well.

“Night Shift has had quite an impact. We now work alongside Street Pastors, and we were put on the radio link and recognised as part of the night-time economy. There have been no real scary moments, and we have never felt threatened. People who come in look out for each other, and if someone says or does something inappropriate the others say ‘We don’t do things like that here’.”

There have been stories of lives changed and encouragements remembered. Several people have come back and told the team “I don’t know if you realise how much you helped me”. One couple met through Night Shift and subsequently got married, and the speech at the wedding mentioned how Night Shift had changed their lives.


Mair and Brian were interviewed on Sunday, 15th May 2016, by Michael Collie during BBC Hereford & Worcester’s Sunday Breakfast Show.
We are grateful for the BBC’s kind permission to include a recording of this interview here: