Saturday 20th October 2018 saw a group of HBC hikers start from the lively border town of Kington and climb gently up to Hergest Ridge, one of the oldest east-west routes across the border into Wales. Near the top of the ridge we found a group of monkey-puzzle trees, a rather odd sight in this ancient landscape.

Close by lay the Whetstone (see photo), probably a glacial erratic but a source of many folk stories, including its rumoured use as a table to exchange food for money during the Black Death without the traders having to make contact with plague-stricken townsfolk. Descending again towards the town, we passed through part of Hergest Croft Gardens with its wonderful collection of rare trees.

Good company, good weather and a most interesting hike of about 7 miles, led by David P, to whom many thanks. Watch out for details of our next hike.


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