The beauty of our county was brought to us last month in Gordon Taylor’s superb presentation A-Z Villages in Herefordshire. 40 minutes of stunning photographs accompanied by well-chosen music – and not a single word spoken. We were truly spell-bound.

This Month’s Programme

2nd May
Penny Platts – Russia on the River Volga

Penny has taken us on several of her world tours before. So we know that the travel along the Volga will be another treat to look forward to.

9th May
Dr Janet Stevens – The Talking Newspaper

This will be a valuable introduction not just for our sight-impaired members but for all of us.

16 May
Ian Hainesr – Me

Our own programme secretary will once again delight us with personal anecdotes from his varied life experiences.

23rd May
Open Morning

This a splendid opportunity for some of our members to reveal their many hidden talents once more.

30th May
Nigel Warwick – Blood Bikes

The speedy delivery of emergency blood supply across the city and beyond has often proven to be a most important life-saving service.

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