The weather meant that things didn’t quite go to plan and with the park a washout, Central Story relocated to the HBC buildings, the rain certainly wasn’t going to stop the fun and intrigue of the Easter Hunt!

With the building bursting with activities and people, families were encouraged to Hunt for a puzzle which pieced together the Easter story. They were rewarded with a science experiment and Central Story explanation. (plus of course the obligatory chocolate egg!)

Hard boiled eggs were put through their paces down an array of egg runs! Well done to Jason whose egg rolled the furthest… over a whopping 5m!

The sound of hammering and drilling came from the corner of the room where children made nail and wooden crosses.

Under the porch a beautiful garden came to life.

Children said…

“It’s been wicked”

“It was brilliant, I loved it and it was even better than I thought it was going to be”

One mum said…

“I thought it was a lovely family event, fun for all ages especially the manual crafts which they enjoyed making to take home.  The fact that all the activities and fun were underpinned with the traditional Easter meaning while keeping it interesting for the smaller children. A fantastic way to spend a rainy morning!”


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