Recently we much enjoyed a busy hands-on morning when we made our own Mors Bags, and a time when The Border Reelers folk group set our feet tapping with well-known country tunes.

This Month’s Programme

7th February
Denise Hannagan – Angels
Denise is trying to encourage church members and friends, indeed everyone, to knit little angels in time for Christmas. With a short Christian message of encourgement attached they will then be placed in different public places for people to find. This is a new endeavour that is hoped gradually to expand for beyond Hereford. Patterns and material can be provided.

14th February
Brian Draper – River Wye
Brian has visited us before with a very interesting presentation of how a river impacts on all different areas of life. He will now lead us along the course of the River Wye with a selection of wonderful photographs.

21st February
Open Morning
Open mornings call on our members to provide their own programme. Over the years we have never stopped at marvelling as to how much undiscovered talents our members have. These mornings are also meant to encourage visitors to ‘have a look’ and, hopefully, to want to come again.

28th February
Penny Platts – Russia on the Volga
Penny has entertained us several times in the past with demonstrating her deep love and understanding of Hereford’s history and culture. Now it’s time to reach out a little further afield.

Wednesday Club is HBC’s social group for young people over the age of 50. For more information visit or contact the church office.


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