During the 2013 Autumn half term some 30 – 40 children aged 5 to 11 filled the building of Hereford Baptist Church with healthy fun, laughter… and noise!

The L-Factor took place on three afternoons with plenty of activities on offer. The close resemblance to a certain national competition of nearly the same name was “purely incidental”. There were the three judges to mark the various entries to the competition,┬áplus ‘Gary Barlow’ making a welcome guest appearance on the panel. Indeed, there was much talent on offer – and that not only by the children!

The theme of the Holiday Club was three-fold

  • LIVE life to the max
  • LAUGH and enjoy life
  • LOVE others as God loves you

All craft and physical activities were geared to these three aspects of the theme. Every day there was a story time featuring the theme of the day, such as ‘The Prodigal Son’, ‘The Lost Sheep’ and ‘The friends who lowered the sick man through the roof’. The vigour with which the theme song “WHOA, WHOA” was sung must have been felt all along Commercial Road.

During the Morning Service of the following Sunday the children had the opportunity to present to the congregation, greatly swelled by parents and families, some of their activities. And, of course, every child was rewarded with a prize.

Richly deserved thanks were expressed to all who had worked extremely hard for a long time to make this Holiday Club possible.

Any plans for next year?


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